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Sample of Recent Works



Christian Fiction

Ko'olau's Secret  by Sharon Connell  full copyedit

Treasure in a Field by Sharon Connell – full copyedit

In an Eveningtide by Leola Ogle – manuscript critique



"Pam Lagomarsino of Above The Pages did a great job with review/content editing on my manuscript. Her suggestions and track changes were easy to follow and spot on. Her critiques were balanced with kindness and encouragement. She completed the project in a timely manner and provided great communication. I highly recommend her services."

 –  Leola Ogle


Christian Nonfiction


Simply Cooking by Sharon Connell  proofread 

Enduring Trial's God's Way: A Biblical Recipe for Finding Joy in Suffering by Scott LaPierre full copyedit and some developmental editing


Where Will You Spend Eternity? Not Sure? There's Still Time by Debby Sibert – full copyedit


Unraveling Fairy Tales Learning to Live Happily After  Bible Study by Kim Larson –  full copyedit, some developmental editing 

“I would highly recommend Pam Lagomarsino of Above The Pages. She is an amazing editor. She not only helped improve my manuscript, but she also taught me how to become a better writer through the process. She pointed out where I used passive voice and showed me how to make it active. She tightened sentences and suggested moving a few around to help with readability. She was kind and encouraging at every step. I didn’t know her before working with her, but she is now a friend. I would definitely want her to edit my future books.”

– Kim A. Larson


Eternally Minded Mamas One Month Devotional and Journal – Setting Our Mothering Eyes on Christ One Day at a Time by Katie LaPierre –  full copyedit


Prayer: 21 Day Devotional to Powerful Prayer by Janice Aldridge – (Christian devotional) –  full copyedit


"Working with a Christian editor like Pam Lagomarsino was great. Her creative suggestions really made my work shine.

I was very impressed with how she turned my book into a 21-day devotional. Incredible talent. I had no idea how to do

it myself. Thank you, Pam. I am looking forward to working with Pam on future books."

–  Janice Aldridge 

Marriage God's Way Workbook by Scott LaPierre – full copyedit and some developmental editing


Enduring Trial's God's Way: A Biblical Recipe for Finding Joy in Suffering by Scott LaPierre –  full copyedit and some developmental editing


"If you are looking for an editor, I highly recommend Pam. She edited my workbook for me (Marriage God's Way) and went above and beyond. I would've paid more than what she charged me. I hired her again recently for my next book, Enduring Trials God’s Way, and again she did a fantastic job. She responds quickly to messages. She strives hard to be EARLIER than deadlines. Although we didn't know each other before, she became a personal friend and I look forward to using her on all future projects. Pam prayed for me, my family, my work, and thanked me for my prayers for her work editing. When my dad had cancer, she prayed for him. My wife is pregnant, and she prays for her. She is a treasure."


Change Business Careers With God: 40 Days to Stop Drifting in Life by Michael Dean Thomas  proofread

Adventures in the Rotor Wind by Elke Kummer (Christian memoir)


People of Purpose: Embracing Your Uniqueness Changes the World  by L.J. Boulding  – full copyedit















Children's Materials

Under the Tangerine Tree by Esther Bandy  full copyedit, middle-grade fiction book 

Language Arts homeschool curriculum – proofread all teacher and student materials and cross-checked answer






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