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Profile picture of Pam Lagomarsino Above the Pages Christian editor

About Above the Pages


Christian editor who provides thorough, affordable editing, 

proofreading, and manuscript review services to authors of Christian, homeschool curriculum, or children’s materials 



Therefore encourage one another and build one another up, just as you are doing.

1 Thessalonians 4:18    

English Standard Version



Pam Lagomarsino has owned and operated Above the Pages since early 2015, when she established it as a business.

Pam has edited, proofread, or beta-read Christian nonfiction books, devotionals, sermons, Bible studies, homeschool curriculum, children’s books, and Christian fiction. Additional experience includes working in a rural library, writing frequent articles for area newspapers, being a sales rep of children’s books, and home teaching her children through high school. Her college coursework included English, literature, library science, and child development.


As a child, Pam was an avid reader and book lover and would read stacks of library books or encyclopedias during her summers. Her love of books grew into editing when an editor friend invited her to beta-read his book and then encouraged her to pursue editing. Several months later, God orchestrated the events for Pam to begin editing. Pam is a Silver Member of the Christian Proofreaders and Editors Network and the Freelancer's Union. She also is a part of TriStone WordsmithsA Community of Independent Christian Authors, Artists, and Editors.


Pam has volunteered extensively in various Christian ministries in the areas of teaching or leading children's ministry, girls' retreats,  or Bible studies for adults and children for over twenty years. This included building relationships, teaching, and event planning. She is familiar with the Bible and Christian doctrine and teachings.


Continuing Education:

  • Essential Skills for Editing Nonfiction – 2016 – Christian PEN

  • Editing Children’s Books – 2016 – Christian PEN

  • Keys to Effective Editing – 2016 – Sandhills Community College

  • Editing Nonfiction 201 – 2017 – PEN Institute

  • Proofreading 101 – 2017 – PEN Institute

  • Editing Young Adult Fiction 101 – 2018 – PEN Institute

  • Editing Devotionals 101 – 2018 – PEN Institute



Frequently Asked Questions


What does an editor do for an author?

For every word an author has carefully written, an editor meticulously considers it by reading through the entire manuscript and correcting any spelling, grammar, capitalization, or punctuation errors. Editors weigh if each sentence and paragraph is in the best location. Your editor will also let you know if something is illogical or if it would benefit you to add additional content. 


What should an author expect when hiring an editor?

It is important for an author and editor to communicate throughout the editing and revision process, so there are clear expectations about what the editor does or does not change. It is essential to have a relationship based on respect for the author's hard work, time, and skill.


For me, I want to come alongside an author to help them shine as they educate, inspire, or entertain their readers. This goes beyond the “grammar police” mentality. It recommends word choices, recognizes inconsistencies, and encourages an author to move forward. But my ultimate goal as an editor is for God to use me to draw people closer to Him.

What’s your specialty, and what’s your favorite part of this kind of work?

Although I work on a variety of projects, my specialties are Christian nonfiction, homeschool curriculum, and children's materials. I have asked God to use me behind the scenes to draw people closer to Him. I have the privilege of coming alongside authors to refine and strengthen their inspiring story or teachings so they can touch the lives of their readers.


Do you only accept Christian or faith-based manuscripts?

No, I work on almost anything as long as it is clean, inspirational, or educational in nature. 


Do you offer any formatting services?

I offer limited formatting in Word. I will set up Styles, block-indent larger Scripture passages or quotes, and remove additional spacing issues. You will still need an interior designer, but I try to make your manuscript as clean as possible before you send it off. I recommend Samantha Fury of Fury Cover Design for formatting and cover design services. 


What resource materials do you use?

Typical materials include:


  • Chicago Manual of Style – Seventeenth Edition 

  • Merriam-Webster’s Collegiate Dictionary – Eleventh Edition 

  • Synonym Finder

  • Holman Illustrated Bible Dictionary – Revised and expanded edition 

  • The Christian Writer’s Manual of Style – Fourth Edition

  • Children’s Writer’s Word Book – Second Edition

  • Fry’s sight words



Other reference books may be used as needed for your subject or time period.


How can I reach you?

If you have any questions or would like additional information, please e-mail at If you wish to arrange a complimentary ten-minute telephone consult, please e-mail to arrange a good time.


You can also find me on LinkedIn, and Facebook 




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