Whether you need a light proofread, substantive revision, or anything in between,

I will go the extra mile to help you create a captivating piece to

engage, inspire, or educate your readers.

*Christian Fiction and Nonfiction  


*Devotionals       *Inspirational  


*Bible Studies      *Sermons  

*Homeschool Curriculum



  *Children               *Teens               *Adult



*Offering electronic editing in MS Word using Track Changes with notations and comments in the margins.


Price ranges are listed after each service. I offer a complimentary no-obligation sample edit of four double-spaced pages, and then I provide a fixed-price quote for the entire project based on services desired or needed.

I will work with you on flexible pricing or payment options to serve authors in every budget.

Ask about special package deals!

Editing Services

  • Checking typographical errors

  • Inconsistencies

  • Capitalization

  • Spelling 

  • Spacing or font errors 

  • Proper numbering 

  • References to tables or charts

  • Punctuation


Proofreading is usually done after a book has gone through an editing 

process and is almost ready to be published.






 Cost: 0.007 – 0.008 per word

$20 Minimum


Copyediting or Line-By-Line Editing


Includes all proofreading and can also include: 

  • Fact and Scripture verification 

  • Ensuring references are cited 

  • Copyrights 

  • Flagging errors in sentence structure and word usage 

  • Cross-checking tables or charts 

  • Ensuring Table of Contents is correct

  • Making wordy phrases more concise

  • Reducing prepositional phrases

  • Redundant words

  • Character development 

  • Clarity and flow 

  • For a children’s book, copyediting includes reviewing age-appropriate vocabulary.



 Cost 0.014 – 0.018 per word

$30 Minimum for picture books

$20 Flat rate for college essays

$25 Minimum for all other materials



Developmental or Substantive Editing 


  • Recommendations for nonfiction heading/subheading placement

  • Creating chapter or heading titles

  • Overall clarity and flow 

  • Recommendations for moving paragraphs, sentences, or sections as needed 

  • Identifying and/or improving gaps between transition areas 

  • Rewriting sentences

  • Recommendations for cloudy explanations    

  • Creating workbook questions for Bible studies or devotionals


This only includes a light proofread.



Cost: 0.018 – 0.030 per word

$25 Minimum

                      Manuscript Review


Not quite ready for a copyeditor? Need another reader to share feedback? Stuck on a chapter or plotline? I can help with a careful reading of your manuscript. I will then respectfully offer suggestions to improve your manuscript:


  • Identifying contradictory facts, plot holes, or inconsistencies.

  • You will receive a written critique addressing strengths, weaknesses, and recommended changes.



This service does not

include any proofreading or editing.


Cost: 0.003 per word 

$20 Minimum

Maximum price is $200 for fiction

Maximum price is $250 for nonfiction








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